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What Businesses Can Do Under Election Law


Our nation’s businesses are uniquely positioned (and legally allowed) to provide voter education to employees, shareholders, retirees and their families—a large portion of the U.S. population! Research tells us that four out of five workers want information from their employers about candidates, issues and elections. In fact, employees cite their employer as the single most trusted source of this information.


Providing voter information to your employees is easy, it’s rewarding and, since you talk to your employees every day, it’s timely.

Here are three areas where you can make the most impact:

·                                Voter Registration

·                                Absentee Ballots

·                                Get-Out-The-Vote Drives


We are a nation made up of many voices—and on Election Day, every voice counts.


Remember, there is no limit on the amount of company resources you can devote to the activities described here—and no reporting requirement—when your efforts are not specific to a candidate or party. It is best not to use funds from your Political Action Committee (if you have one) for these activities.


Can you talk to your employees about candidates, issues and elections? YES!


1.      You can get advice, assistance, and materials from the Prosperity Project and others, but not from candidates or their agents.

2.      You can use unlimited company resources to prepare and distribute Prosperity Project materials or communications you design, but don’t distribute materials provided by any candidate, party or their agents.

3.      You can ask your executives, managers, and shareholders to make contributions directly to your chosen candidate, but don’t ever handle the money (except through your PAC).

4.      You can say almost anything to your executives, managers, and shareholders, even ask them to vote for your chosen candidate, but don’t ever advocate the election or defeat of a candidate to other employees.

P2 – The Prosperity Project


The Prosperity Project provides tools that help companies talk to employees about a vitally important subject: the policies and political leaders that impact their business and industry.


Employees say their employers are a highly credible source of this information.  Many employees own stock—and want to know more. And businesses are tired of wasting money on political efforts that just don’t work.


Business talks to its employees every day. It costs little to ensure that the vast American workforce is well informed about key issues and candidates, and encouraged to vote. That’s why, since its start in 1999, The Prosperity Project has been enthusiastically supported by employers and employees alike.


For more information, call The Prosperity Project hotline at 1-800-497-8351.

What is BIPAC?


BIPAC, whose mission is “Electing Business to Congress,” is a bipartisan organization founded in 1963 as the nation’s first business political action committee. It is considered the pre-eminent source of political intelligence for American business. BIPAC helps businesses meet the challenge of identifying, supporting, and electing pro-business candidates, and fosters participation in the political process.


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