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Mob Watch Exclusive: PJ Calder and Guido Vassallo (Chicago OC experts)

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Caifano, Marshal (July 19, 1911 - September 6, 2003)
Published: 04 February 2006 | Source: TUOHY, John William.

Marshal Caifano AKA John Marshal

In Las Vegas, the so-called Outside Man was a living reminder to the Inside men, and the card sharps, con artists and stick up men who considered stealing from casinos, that behind the glitter and glare of the Vegas lights, killers ran the show. If the boss of a casino had a problem he couldn't handle, he took it to the Outside Man. He was the muscle, not the brains in Vegas, and when Chicago ruled the town, being their Representato was, for mobsters, like being a God.

For almost four decades, the various mob outfits worked well together in Las Vegas. But by 1958, each organization had sent in its toughest, in some cases craziest, enforcers to represent them on the strip.

Marshall Caifano.
Marshall Caifano.

A general syndicate meeting was called, and it was decided that since Chicago had declared itself the arbitrator of all mob business west of the Mississippi, that they would appoint the Outside Man, the enforcer, to watch over Vegas, for everyone.

The first hood that Chicago sent to be its God in Vegas was Marshal Caifano, a very dangerous man with a hair-trigger temper and the disposition of a rattlesnake.

Like Sam Giancana, and most of the hoods who ruled over Chicago in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Caifano came out of the notorious 42 gang, that sprung out of Chicago's sprawling Italian Ghettos, and, again like Giancana, Caifano's arrest record dated back to 1929. By 1952 he was already a prime suspect in at least ten mob murders, and, later, won short-lived, national recognition when he refused to answer questions before the McClellan committee.

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